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How Do I Schedule An Office Appointment?

Please call us at (254) 519-8490. For further questions, read our APPOINTMENTS page.

How Do I Prepare For My Procedure?

Every procedure has different preparations. Specific preparation instructions will be given to you by our nurse. If you have any questions about any specific procedures you can look them up here.

Will My Procedure Hurt?

No. Before most endoscopic procedures are performed, an intravenous (IV) medication is given to you to remove your pre-procedure anxiety and discomfort. The medication is not a general anesthesia, but rather a sedation to help you calm and relax. Most patients do not even remember much of their procedures after they have been performed.

When Do I Get My Results?

The doctor will have your preliminary results right after the endoscopic procedure. If you have any lab biopsies done, you will be contacted in a few days with your results.

Why Do I Need an Endoscopy?

Most gastrointestional ailments are diagnosed through the use of endoscopy. In the past doctors have relied on x-ray tests to diagnose patient’s gastric problems, but they have been proven inefficient and unreliable in making a correct diagnosis. Even if the diagnosis were made correctly, there was not a method for therapy without the use of invasive surgery. With the introduction of endoscopy, not only could most gastric illnesses be assessed accurately, but the procedure also provided a means of treating the disease without any high-risk surgeries.

Is Endoscopy Safe?

The short answer is that the procedures are very safe. All medical procedures carry some degree of risk of complications, including endoscopy. However, endoscopy has been proven to be very safe, and with an overall low level of risk. The level of risk depends greatly on the difficulty of the specific procedure, the status of your overall health, and the training of the doctor. Before your procedure, your doctor will go over the risks and complications with you to give you a chance to make an informed decision.

When Do I Need an Colonoscopy checkup?

Colorectal cancer is one of the top leading cancer deaths in the United States. However, it is highly preventable if you have regular screenings beginning at the age of 50. Both men and women should have at least Sigmoidoscopy every 3-5 years and colonoscopy every 10 years.